A&E Cage Company Large Dome Top Parrot

A&E Cage Company Large Dome Top Parrot Cage


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Product Description

For 30 years, A&E Cage Company has been one of the premiere bird cage designer and manufacturers in the pet industry. They have a 80 different varieties of cage options available in a wide range of designer colors and A&E ensures the safety of each and every cage that they produce. Their entire line of  products feature non-toxic powder coated finishes and paints which have been certified safe by avian veterinarians. Another great mark of an A&E cage is the welded bar design symbolic of the highest quality in the industry. Every cage is also equipped with durable screw-in casters for easy moving and no cage leaves the factory without being fully recommended and approved by veterinarians. Simply put, these are among the safest cages you’ll find here at

Why the A&E Large Dome Cage?

A&E has designed this cage for total functionality inside and out while making it the suitable choice for use both indoors and out. That’s because each cage has been coated and painted in non-toxic bird safe materials that can withstand the test of time and the elements alike. This cage also uses a combination of horizontal and vertical bars at different areas of the cage for better security and higher visibility for any small to medium sized parrot. Although this a “large” dome top cage, the size dimensions aren’t appropriate for a large size bird. Welded bars also ensure that the bird cannot escape the enclosure no matter how skilled and crafty it might be at getting out through any weak points. There aren’t any in this cage

Smart Design for Birds and Humans Alike

The welded bars and dome top make this a great choice for your parrot but it’s also a smart option for you, the owner. This cage has been equipped with a removable seed tray, removable bottom grating for easier cleaning, and dual locks on the main door. The feeder door locks are also bird-proof and there are three of those here along with three stainless steel cups.

Summing Up

The A&E Dome Top cage is non-toxic and bird safe as certified by veterinarians. The all welded bar design ensures the safety of your bird at all times while the seed tray keeps things neat and clean around the cage. Birds are beautiful but they can sometimes be messy. This cage helps alleviate those problems.  To protect your purchase, each cage also comes with a six-month warranty.