Cuisinart SM55

All Mixed Up??? No Longer, buy the Cuisinart SM55

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Product Description

When buying a mixer you can spend as little or as much as you like. So the one you buy very much depends on frequency of use, budget, gadgets and what you need it for. Stand mixers are very sturdy, usually heavy and don’t move around like other types of mixers, makes them sturdy. They’re also good for general whipping, mixing and kneading tasks. 

My personal advice to you would be to buy the biggest machine you can afford so you don’t have to do several batches for one recipe, but consider whether you have space to store attachments and the equipment itself. Most models come with a dough hook, balloon whisk attachment and beater tool.

I found Katie’s website absolutely invaluable in helping me make my choice, the Cuisinart SM55 model. It is a high end model and isn’t cheap but I you know you will use it a lot, so worth the investment.

The main features of the Cuisinart SM55 include: 

800-watt stand mixer

12 speeds;

5-1/2-quart stainless-steel bowl; slow-start and gentle-fold functions

Chef’s whisk, flat mixing paddle, dough hook, and splashguard included

3-year warranty


Large and classic looking. It has lots of attachments, which is great for a multiuse machine, these just snap into place and fit really well. The controls are in a convenient place. Very user friendly. 

The Lowdown

A stand mixer’s main tasks are kneading dough, making cakes, whipping and whisking. Stand mixers are outstanding at these tasks – much more so than food processors, due to their large capacities and big, metal balloon whisks. Essentially they take the hard work out of making large batches of cakes, doughs or batters. 

At 800 watts of power this mixer is powerful and coupled with a 12 speed setting it can mix pretty much anything.  It is sold mainly as a dough maker but can do so much more with the many attachments that you can buy for it.

Yes, you can make dough for bread, cakes, pizza, anything that needs kneading thoroughly, it makes light and airy batter. The whisk has a really good motion and is perfect for whipping up whipped cream or even ice cream.
This mixer can be used for cookies, brownies, cakes and pies.  Basically, all sorts of baked goods. This mixer makes the lightest dough and bread and cakes rise beautifully.  It is reliable and really powerful and for the price was above and beyond in regards to my expectations.

All of the included plastic parts dismantle or wipe of very easily. I have also thrown them into the dishwasher, I don’t always have time to wash things by hand so sometimes the dishwasher is my preferred option which is cool, as it is all dishwasher safe.


It looks good, it is a classic mixer design.

Can mix anything, dough, cream, sauces

Dishwasher safe attachments and it has lots of them for various uses





A bit bulky



It has a splash guard which is handy when whipping up creams and various mixtures. It this it has a nice, pretty simple and basic design but it works overall for what it is. It is proving to be quite a durable machine. I use it, as do my kids (with supervision) nothing as of yet has broken off or come loose for me which is a nice plus. Absolute bargain for the price. Thoroughly recommended.