ll-Power America APGG6000 Portable Generator

All-Power America APGG6000 Portable Generator


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Product Description

All-Power America is a newer brand that has been around since 2005, based in North Carolina they’re committed to designing and manufacturing products that are built for power. The APGG6600 is one of the stronger units in their line of durable and long-lasting power generators, equipped to deliver a running power of 5,000 watts with surge capabilities of 6,000 watts. That 1000 watt margin is more than sufficient to start and run all of your major home appliances in a typical family home that depends on a variety of electrical devices on any given day. Operational time per full tank of gas on the 6000 offers good efficiency and while there aren’t a wealth of outlets to choose from, there are enough to keep the essentials powered up for a couple of days if need be.

Basic Interface, Deluxe Power Functionality

All-Power America keeps things simple with a basic control panel that offers all of the functionality you need to keep the lights on and the electronics working properly. There are only four outlets to choose from here with two household 120Volt outlets, one single 120Volt twist lock outlet and a single 12 Volt DC outlet with V style plug. You also have your engine switch, an hour meter and appropriate circuit breakers. The APGG6000 require the use of gasoline which can pose a conundrum when there’s no place to get any extra gasoline because the power is out or you’re in a remote part of the world where there’s no power to be found. So it’s a good thing then that the unit has a fuel tank with a 6.6 gallon capacity on which it can run consistently for up to 11 hours at half load capacity. That type of fuel efficiency is only going to help you in the long run. This combination of basics done with big power rivals the efficiency and functionality of other units with the best portable generator reviews on the Internet.

A Strong Engine That Does it Quietly

The APGG6000 runs on a 9-HP 291cc OHV air cooled engine which is how it delivers 5000 watts of continuous power at a surge rating of 6000 watts. It’s rated for use in all 50 states as this unit is CARB compliant and EPA approved. You’re probably thinking with all of that power it’s probably pretty loud but you would be wrong about that. The 6000 has been equipped with a muffler to keep it’s operating noise below 76 decibels which isn’t much louder than your standard vacuum cleaner.

Summing Up


The APGG6000 isn’t the biggest generator on the market but it does the simple things with simplicity while providing enough power to operate all of the necessities for the common family home. It runs quietly though not as quietly as other units at this, or even a higher, price point. This slightly louder output is a small drawback compared to the many benefits that are readily available here.