Ariens 921044 Deluxe Snow Blower

Ariens 921044 Deluxe Snow Blower Review


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Product Description

Snow blowers are one of those things that you don’t ever think about until you suddenly need one and don’t have one. Once that snow starts piling up on your driveway and you need your car for work in the morning then the panic may well set in! Now you have two solutions for this. The first is to really get stuck in and use the shovel to clear a path. The second, and much more realistic, is to get a snow blower to help you in this tiresome process. The problem with this is that there are a lot of snow blowers out there so choosing one might be difficult. Luckily we are here to help so without further ado, let’s take a look at the Ariens 921044 and see what it can do for you. 

So what features does it have?

The Ariens stands out from the crowd from the get go purely on the first feature we are going to discuss. As you can imagine, different levels of snow fall require different levels of power to cut through them. The harder the snow fall the higher the level of power needed to remove it from your way. The Ariens has six forward speeds which can also be used with the self propelled driving system that is on board. This and the two reverse speeds are powered by an 11HP 306cc Ariens AX series 3rd generation snow engine, so you know that they will get the job done! The manufacture claims that this machine can clear snow up to 21 inches high and 28 inches wide, and that it will throw snow up to 50 feet. All very handy features to have in a snow blower.

What are its good points? 

This machine can quite easily handle deep snow which helps to set it apart from its competitors. It has larger tyres than the norm too, which add to its abilities to tackle the thickest of snow drifts. To help the user out, the people at Ariens have incorporated a self propelled driving system as well, so you will have a helping hand when trying to work your way through the snow, and the six speed setting should also come in useful.

 What are the bad points? 

The Ariens does not have some of the features which are common place on other machines. It does not have a quick turn chute or heated handles, so if wither of these features are high on your wish list then you may want to look elsewhere. A good place to do this is at the Snow Shifts website!

What’s the conclusion? 

It may border on the simple side where features are concerned but that is in no way saying that the Ariens is not a good little machine. When put simply, it will do the job it is supposed to, namely clearing snow, but it does come without some of the bells and whistles that other similar machines have. If ease of use and efficiency are something you are on the look for then you could be in luck with the Ariens!