BLACK and DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Black and Decker CTO6335S Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven Review

Product Description

Garlic Bread Made Simple

Garlic bread is a common theme in my home, especially whenever we’ve got guests over. I have sort of a “special recipe” that I work with when it comes to garlic bread, and it’s lead to a lot of people learning towards my house when it comes to special events. I know, I’m kind of cocky, but my garlic bread really is that delicious! I need the perfect toaster oven though, or else I wouldn’t be able to go through my normal steps and it would just fell funny all around. Having a reliable toaster oven is about more than just garlic bread, it’s about spending your money in all the right places.

What Do You Mean?

Toaster ovens (especially one that is as high quality as the one I’m reviewing right now) will always be the best option in your kitchen. If you only need to toast something give it a slight crisp, what reason would you have to completely heat up a regular oven? With a countertop convection oven, you can have all of the power included with a regular oven, except you’ll only need a quarter of the space. Our Toaster Oven Site can go into a little more depth for you.

Product Features

Black and Decker are rather serious about the kind of toaster ovens they’re able to produce. It’s stainless steel coated, so there’s a certain aspect to it that looks amazing. The logo might be different when compared to some of the same models, just produced in a different year – that’s completely okay though. This one has a 120-minute timer, which is a little more than other toaster ovens have to offer. You can fit a 12 inch pizza or casserole in this toaster oven, which is also larger than most competing products. There are one touch functions that use a “one touch” process, and the digital display is really big; that way everybody can enjoy the oven (whether they’re young or old).


The timer is 120 minutes, which is a lot of time to work with. You can cook entire meals through the use of this toaster oven, and that’s a privilege you’ll grow to respect. You can fit about 12 inches of pizza and casserole in there, and the really large display makes it that so people of all eye types can enjoy this product.


Some people use the wrong power bars or outlets and have reported this toaster oven actually short circuiting, which is clearly a problem created by the person trying to operate the actual toaster oven. It isn’t Black and Decker’s fault, but it’s still worth noting.

Product Summary

Toaster ovens aren’t usually this big, and they usually don’t have such a large upside. I like this product because I can handle just about every single cooking need a regular oven would handle with it. I’ve used one or two toaster ovens in the past, and this one blows the others I’ve gotten my hands on out of the water.