E35 Fitness SOLE Elliptical Machine

E35 Fitness SOLE Elliptical Machine

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Product Description

Thousands of people pay for a gym membership each month and thousands of people continue to search for alternatives to professional gym memberships. With not much room in a house, it is impossible to create your own home gym, or is it? There are things that you can purchase that will fold up and fit in places such as the closet and under the bed. Elliptical machines are one of these things that you can purchase. It falls under the category of an exercise machine that also works out several areas of your body instead of just one.

Design and Features

There are six programs that are included in this machine along with two that are customizable. There are also two different programs to help monitor your heart rate. These are monitored through the grip and the strap that you place around your chest. The LCD screen has a seven and a half inch display and there is a fan that is built in. The pedals are adjustable as well as the console itself. The length of stride can be anywhere form twenty to twenty-two inches. You can also adjust the stride and the percentage of incline that you prefer to use.

The Strengths of the E35

Consumers have purchased the E35 over the years and have noted the greatness that comes in that somewhat large box. The solidness of the machine has been raved about from excited users. Many consumers whom have used this product have claimed that it is very low-impact. Therefore, even those who have very little athletic ability can manage on this machine easily. Many people have relayed their love of this machine as it seems to glide smoothly with little to no noise. The design has also been considered great and a breeze to use for even those who are older or may have issue with high-impact machines. The programming is easy to do and read through the LCD screen, which consumers have also noted.

The Weaknesses of the E35

Several people have visited to check out the comments and reviews made by consumers whom have purchased this machine. Although some of those comments have been negative, such as paying too much money for a low-quality product. When consumers have had to assemble the product themselves, instead of paying two to three hundred dollars for someone else to assemble it, have noticed that it has taken them up to eight hours if not more to assemble it. It is very hard to do by yourself.

In Conclusion

Some people consider the weight, 215 pounds, being too much to handle, while others claim it’s a great thing being that it’s sturdy and durable for those who may be close if not on the max weight limit of 375 pounds. Either way many consumers have found this machine to be the ideal choice for their needs, even with the heaviness. If you are unsatisfied with any purchase that you make online, take into consideration how it will be to ship the item back to be refunded.