FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike: Taking a Longer Look At It

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Product Description

I don’t know what it is about working out, but it’s something that’s going to have you feeling a little better and better the more you do it. A lot of people have wanted to get a workout going while they’re sitting down at work, but there really isn’t a way to go about doing so – that is, until now! With this product, you’re essentially getting two things in one product. You’ll be getting an exercise bike that’s going to aid you in shedding that extra weight, as well as a comfortable desk that’s going to keep you living a healthier life.

I’m very picky with the desk that I’m sitting at almost every single day of the week, except when I’ve got days off and such. I always want to think about the most efficient way to go about losing weight, and that’s what lead me to this product. When you want to break into the world of Indoor Training Bikes, a little bit of help from an outside source just might go a longer way than you would think.


This exercise bike has a very unique design, as it allows you to go through your daily working activities without having to choose between health or getting things done. It has a desk platform that can actually slide up and down, and the dimensions chalk in at 16 inches by 19 inches. It has a magnetic resistance sort of system to keep your legs burning and feeling better – it’s very quiet and will allow you to concentrate on the right stuff at the right time. Comfort is a very large component here, and this exercise bike has a chair that’s designed to keep the users comfortable. There’s even a storage drawer thrown into the mix, how amazing is that!

Exercise Bike Pro’s

You can finally get the healthy boost you need to your day, and you don’t even have to get out of your seat. A lot of people are at their working desks for 8 hours of the day, and that’s going to lead to some less than stellar issues you’ll have to deal with. The storage drawer did a very good job of allowing me to keep certain items close by, so I didn’t have to constantly get out and struggle with things like that.


A regular desk is obviously going to be much more convenient for some people, although you’re not going to be able to get a decent workout while sitting down. When you can shed weight without having to even get up and out of your office, things will get better – just believe.


It’s a fantastic option for anybody who wants to really go about losing weight in an efficient manner, especially since you can go through your daily work routine through the use of it.